Don't forget the dead period starts at the end of this week.  We will resume practice July 10th at 7am!! Stay busy over the dead period or else July will be very difficult. 

Juggernaut Tough!!!
Go to and check out the NKY 2A preview. 
Also spring practice continues to go well. THe excitement and hardwork of our young men is so contagious! 

Spring practice is under way!!! Practice #1 was outstanding.  The attitude of all players was exciting.  You can really tell that the work in the weightroom has paid off!!  Reminder to parents that practice is from 4-6pm during spring ball.  May schedules and NFLPD camp info was passed out to players on Monday. 

Come out and watch spring ball.  Spectators are encouraged.

Our prayers and thoughts go out to the victims of the tornadoes that ripped through NKY on Friday. 
I will make a weekly post about Juggernaut Football.  Feel free to email any Juggernaut football pictures you may have.

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